Our Services


At CAS, we believe that through advice and guidance, businesses and organizations can achieve improvements in their operations and maximize their wealth. Our consultants provide practical solutions and support, by spotting weaknesses and suggesting improvement actions and capitalising on strengths.


  • Valuations
  • Due Diligence
  • Operational and Financial Restructuring
  • Transaction Structuring


  • Internal Audit outsourcing
  • Evaluation of Internal Control Systems
  • Preparation of Internal Audit and Procedures’ Manual
  • Risk management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulatory and Compliance

PLUS advice on ideal international structure.


Turnaround management

We are experienced in assessing the causes of business underperformance, identifying and implementing solutions that can help companies avoid a solvency crisis. With our support, directors are provided with the tools they need to undertake internal restructuring, with a view to restoring profitability and strengthening cash positions.

Our services include:

• feasibility reviews
• negotiating with stakeholders
• business plan development
• financial modelling
• transaction advice (acquisition and divestment)
• financial and operational restructuring
• assistance in raising funds


Receivership is usually instituted by a Secured Lender such as a bank or other financial institution upon default of the debtor on a floating charge.

Secured Creditors would normally appoint a Receiver/Manager to act in their interests, possibly to trade on the business and market it as a going concern. If this is not possible, the Receiver/Manager would sell the assets to maximise the return to the Secured Creditor.

We have extensive experience acting as a Receiver/Manager for a number of multinational banks.


Members' Voluntary Liquidation

Members' Voluntary Liquidation is a formal winding-up of a solvent company at the request of members who wish to regain their capital investment. We have had many years of experience in winding up solvent companies and we offer an efficient winding-up plan to achieve the best results for all shareholders.

Winding-up by the court
Such winding-up of companies is instigated by creditors, usually on the grounds of insolvency, in order to recover their debt from the assets of the company. We have extensive experience acting as liquidators appointed by the court at the petition of creditors.

Accountancy and Compliance Services
Audit & Assurance
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Company formation and fiduciary services
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